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Striking Class - 31st October.
Conflict Resolution - 7th November.
Sparring - 21st November.
Grappling - 28th November.

A deposit will secure your place on any of the above workshops.

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Disclaimer - Attempt these techniques at your own risk !

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Matthew is also available for private, one-to-one instruction in Coventry

Instruction can be customized to the needs of those attending and specific areas can be focused on, whether it's Thai, Submission Grappling, etc.

For more information on Private tuition please contact me

Matty Evans and Tony Somers are now running Self-defence Master classes. For further information see here

Striking Class Striking Class
Time: Every Tuesday evening 6.00-7.30pm
Cost: 5.00 / session
Venue: Foleshill Community Centre
757 Foleshill Road
Tel: 07899 002091 

Grappling Class Grappling Class
Time: Every Thursday evening 6.00-7.00pm
Cost: 5.00 / session
Venue: AT7 Centre
Bell Green Road
Tel:07899 002091 

Matthew Evan's real fighting seminars are available to any martial art / combat club or group looking for instruction on self defence within the UK.
The courses require no sparring, rather to teach techniques and drills that you can practice and learn at your own pace.

Seminars are tailor made to your requirements but a typical seminar would be thus -

Duration 4 hours


John Skillen Seminar

The first two hours will teach 3 second fighting, you will learn about awareness (being mentally switched on) and then the fence, which is used to control the eighteen inches between you and another person prior to you using to learn the action trigger.

Effective strikes will be taught which will lead into to posturing, which is about mentally defeating a person without throwing a single strike. During this time you will be told about the effects of fear and what effect it will be having on your body and dealing with the effects. Multiple attackers will also be dealt with.

After a break, Matthew will cover real grappling, standing and on the ground. Standing grappling covers clinch, head butts, elbows, knees, biting, chokes and a few basic takedowns. With ground fighting you will be shown how to avoid the takedown and if on the ground how to control a person with pin positions, how to punch and effective finishing techniques.

For more information on Seminars please contact me