How It Works - The Commitment

- One 3 hour session every month for six months.
- Each session is between 10am - 1pm.
- You must be able to attend each session.

The Dates

30th Jan / 27th Feb / 27th March / 24th April / 22nd May / 26th June

The Venue

Red Corner Gym, Walsgrave road, Coventry, Cv2 4bl - Tel 02476 459966

Master Class Content

Self-defence and Motivation - This is NOT a fighting class.

Topics Covered

- Pre-emptive strikes
- Line ups
- Fence work
- Blitzing
- Standing strangles
- Punches, Slaps, Knees and elbows
- Fear control
- Take downs
- Street fighting- Mind strength techniques
- Art of fighting without fighting
- Ground work
- Confidence building
- Restricted punching
- Conflict resolution
- Personal development
- Pressure test drills


50 deposit followed by 5 monthly payments of 50 - Total 300.

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You will receive a Grade in the "REALITY COMBAT SYSTEM". For further information on this please call Matty on 07899 002091.

For More Details

Please call Matty on 07899 002091 or Tony Somers on 07708273376

Alternatively you can send a Cheque made payable to Matthew Evans at The Red Corner Gym, 290b Walsgrave Road, Stoke, Coventry. Cv2 4bl.