'Everyone, especially women, owe it to themselves to learn at least the basics of self-protection. Far too many women assume that being attacked is something that will never happen to them. I believe that what I have learned has enormously decreased the chances of me becoming a victim of assault. Training has increased the confidence in my ability to defend myself from an attacker.

Julie & Matty

Matthew's training methods are easy to apply. They are simple but very, very effective.' 

- Julie Jenkins

Sadly, there is a greater need for women to learn how to protect themselves against men, than against women. Therefore, Matthew welcomes and would like to encourage more women to join in his classes.

'I began training in martial arts a few years ago to gain confidence in the fact that I could defend myself in whatever situation may arise. It soon became apparent to me that although the art I was practicing gave me that confidence, there was an important element lacking.

After training with Matthew for some time now, I have become sure of my own capabilities. I now use the colour code system of awareness and utilize the art of dissuasion to avoid confrontation. However, if a situation arose where I were forced to physically defend myself, I have learned the necessary skills to do so. Whether in a private session, or a group class, I have always come away with something new.

The group classes are excellent because everyone is different, both physically and mentally, and the more people you train with the better you become. I have also met a new circle of friends since training. Meeting influential people with positive outlooks has changed my life for the better.'

- Brady Miller