Workshop Room 2, 1500hrs: Matty Evans with John Anderson

Everyone was greeted with a handshake and made to feel welcome as they entered the training room. There were about 15 people taking part in the physical aspect of the seminar while many more watched from the sidelines.

Matty began by gathering everyone around and introducing himself and John ‘awesome’ Anderson, there were nods of recognition from everyone who had read Geoff Thompson’s ‘Watch my Back’.

With the introductions over Matty got down to business and explained about the fence and the pre-emptive strike. It was obvious that he had spent a lot of time working on these techniques, he went into detail about hand positions and explained the importance of the bone on bone contact that is needed for the KO. It was then time for a demonstration, Matty put on the pads and John stepped up to throw a few hooks. Every shot thrown was a knock out, the power that was generated from such a short distance was amazing, and all this was done without wraps or protective gloves.

Everyone in the class then paired up and tried for themselves. Matty moved around the room giving advice and making minor adjustments to peoples technique, his knowledge is vast and he has a great way of explaining things so people understand quickly and easily. Within 5 minutes people were hitting harder and more confidently than before. This bare knuckle training was a real eye opener and showed the importance of hand positioning and conditioning for real life situations.

It was then time for a drill designed to develop accuracy and reaction time. ‘As soon as the pad is lifted, hit it with which ever shot is most comfortable for you’ Matty explained. Each shot needed to have knockout power and accuracy. Whilst we were all giving this drill a go, Matty used the time to move around each person and have a bit of a chat, getting to know them and helping to develop their shots.

We all gathered around again as Matty explained the way times are changing and how we all need to adapt to our surroundings. He talked about how the drug culture is affecting people and how a strike is not always the most effective weapon to use. If someone is on drugs they may be more resistant to pain be able to withstand the first strike. This is where the choke comes in. I’ve had the pleasure of being choked by Matty on several occasions and it’s not a nice feeling! He demonstrated how to turn your opponent into a rear choke and the footwork required to do it quickly and effectively. He made this look easy and again it was obvious he had put the hours in to get this technique perfect.

‘Give it a go’, that was our cue to partner up and see for ourselves. This technique appeared to be a favorite with everyone. Again, as we were practicing Matty and John were on hand to give advice and help as much as possible.

That was all there was time for in this 45 minute slot, so after a short round up of what had been covered it was time to finish off. A well deserved round of applause was given by all. The feedback from the other people on this seminar was great as everyone seemed to have learned something they could take away with them.

This was a very informative and enjoyable seminar.

I have been lucky enough to train with Matty as a private student, not only are his knowledge and teaching skills second to none, he is also one of the nicest and friendliest people I know. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Eddie Sidaway

Close Protection Officer
Edexcel Level 3 Btec Certificate in Close Protection Operations